Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Prisoners !

Reading through one of the Service Blogs (Brian's brief encounters) where he arrested Osama Bin Laden reminded me of one of our finest hours. The day we took the first prisoner of the Gulf War !! It so happens that on our patch is the Royal Military College of Science at Shrivenham. This August establishment has long term engineering and Science courses for officers from countries all over the world. Lo and behold there was an Iraqi Major on a course there. As soon as hostilities were about to be announced a telex arrives from "Them in London" To go capture this enemy alien immediately - if not before. So boots and saddles two village bobbies in a somewhat ancient ford escort whiz off - all right - crawl off to where the chap had rented a house for his two year course. Strangely enough he was there - sitting on his suitcases, having sent his family off to relatives - all ready to go - He seems quite happy to be arrested and interned for the duration - can't for the life of me think why !! We never got a medal for this !
evenin all

What a war for him! 5 star accomodation, open jail, meals at the lock-em inn ;) etc etc..
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