Thursday, July 13, 2006


Ode or Odd ??

I thought for a time
I would blog in rhyme
but perhaps it's crass
to sit on my A**s
and pontificate
about the state
of my life
whilst being "on line"
She who must be obeyed was once the Secretary of the Balinese Cat Society, and one of her duties was to produce a quarterly magazine. This had helpfull articles, Cat Show results and other literary gems. As with all such publications there were never enough articles to fill the pages - so muggins here started writing "Pomes"- Being a Literary snob I tried to use all manner of tricks from Blank verse to iambic pentameter - but mostly ended up with limericks !!Which appeared to be the most popular with them punters - The fact that we bred cats (siamese, balinese and devon rex) is the reason I ended up being the "Mog" and the good lady who did the fortune telling completed the other half of my tag - so there you are ! Any way I hear you ask - what relevance has this to blogging - none at all says I but it satisfies my pretensions and one day I hope to collect all my gems, and get herself (who really is a talented artist) to illustrate it. I keep reading other blogs, whose authors have written books - so like most of us in cyber world I harbour the secret thought of being the next Thurber (or in my case very probably Walter Mitty!!)
Ah well crack another bottle of Pomeroy's ordinary
swing the lamp and I'll tell you another war story

Or maybe Ogden Nash...
I should be so lucky
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