Monday, July 03, 2006


Not Cricket !!

Just back from a jolly nice week away in me sad caravan. Spent a few days on the river bank at Radcot in a really super location known as the "Cricket Bat" field. This not because they play cricket on it - but, as the name actually implies it has lots of Willow trees - which they cut down and make cricket bats out of ! When we were last there the trees were large and majestic (some 8 or 9 years ago - now rows of stumps with lots of smaller willows and only a few of the larger ones - They been harvesting them trees - and after I had told all and sundry that the field was shady with the rows of trees ! All manner of cock ups- the upshot being me voted as the "Wally of the Weekend" - for which I got a nice little plaque and the tenure of the "Wally" cup for the weekend ! First of all I made a "Big" spelling error on the letter we give to all the ralliers ! Then brought the wrong leads for the stereo set (muzac for the masses for the Saturday night social)
Aside "Did you know I have a criminal record?" "Yes - Des O'Connor's Greatest Hits !!"" "Boom Boom - It gets worse - So anyway had to park up Big Ange by the marquee and use the enormous, high quality, CD player they put in Range Rovers (along with the 14 Harmon Kardon Speakers etc) - Lucky they did not want it too loud or it would have flattened the battery !
As it was, it was fine until I hooked up the van on Sunday evening, started the drive home and put on the stereo - AAARGH - forgot to change the CDs in the cassette - and was not gently chilled by the dulcet tones of Lemmie from Motorhead - but the best of Riff Pilchard and the Shadblots - great Zot - nearly drove into the river. Great weekend though (other than the Footy !) Lots of boats making their way to the Pub at Radcot - which had a big projection TV in a marquee in the garden - All the boats on the way down covered in bunting and St George flags and none on the way back !! Nuff said!
back to the grindstone - or as the old joke says
"Tea break over lads, Back on your heads"
Evenin all

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