Monday, July 17, 2006


I Hate Jeremy 'Kin Clarkson

Rant from sad caravanner - Having watched, what is normally my favourite programme of the week "Top Gear" last night I found myself getting more and more heated up with Jermey's increasingly juvenile prattlings about caravans. I can normally live with his abberations but last night was the last straw. What he apparantly does not seem to realise is that some of the great unwashed think he is being entirely serious and that such things as setting light to caravans, reversing into people's awnings and holding up traffic are being done for real and not "staged" for effect - GRRRRRR! Also the piece about accelerating out of a "snake" is not only wrong but can be extremely dangerous if tried - the man is a complete Twat !
Going off to cool down before I say something I may regret
looking back in anger

Hahaha.... thats great. I know your a seasoned camper. That clip last night appealed to everyone who doesn't camp in a van... including myself. I preffer to basher up propperly ;)

Never-the-less the copper didn't look too amused. Made them un-hich the trailor sharpish and swivel it. Watching Jermey take out the morning poo was v. funny 2. Even if it was staged, it had me and my work colleagues in fits.. Ease up old chap, next thing you know you will be shaking your stick at young people ;)

Good to see you back btw.. re-adding you to the old blogroll
I know - turning into a "more" grumpy old man !!
No - normally I find Jeremy funny - but he goes over the top sometimes ! - OOOOOOh I could crush a grape !!
I thought it was pretty funny and so did Mrs Loaf. We have a few relatives who hitch up and head off down the highway during the summer and there were a few emails flying about on monday about the show. Most saw it for the piss-take that it obviously was.
Just thought I'd say hi, and I see you have similar senses as me when it comes to JC. Admittedly, watching hamster walk across the campsite to get more water was inherently funny and had me and my son chuckling away like a couple of very stoned hippies.
I know - its just that he goes too far sometimes and us sad caravanners get a bit defensive
I happily laugh about the stig, captain slow and the hamster but we all have our blind spots and caravanning is mine !
cheers Rik !and thanks for the comment loaf
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