Monday, June 26, 2006


Send Police Quick - He's got a Weapon !

The proliferation of "service" blogs is amazing - one minute there's only a couple of us and we're all worried about the powers that be closing us down ! The next thing you know "David Copperfield" is being quoted in the Times and all manner of Coppers, Control Room Staff, Specials et al are "at it like rabbits" Good thing too - for too long we have been the Silent Service- No Comment was the official line - There are some great stories out there. I was reading one of the new ones - Extra Special Constable - He was talking about a subject dear to the heart of all of us in the Control Room world. The caller that makes it up. I used to be a Village Bobby, before the great retirement in the sky gave me 3 weeks off before starting back in the Control room as a Civvie. One of the major parts of the job was talking to the various "groups" in the village - WI. Rotary, Masons. PTAs etc., and one of the main themes was "What should I call 999 for" Being, in those days a caring and concerned type I used to give advice about suspicious types hanging about - not just bunches of local kids playing footie or just being a bit noisy - just let me know and I'll talk to them and or their parents. Any disorder, which included any sort of Weapon - knives, baseball bats, hockey sticks etc was an immediate 999 please ! You can see where this is going ! On the days when I was not available - even plod gets a holiday now and again - some of the locals would have enough of the little darlings and start to call in on 999 as they knew the village bobby was not available. When they got the standard answer of - "We will take a message and pass in on to your local contsable when he is next on duty" - The next call was "I think at least one of them has a weapon of some sort" Guaranteed result ! - Although not quite as bad as the "Blues and Twos" addicts Who make malicious calls quoting the magic word "Gun" or sus package just to see the pretty blue lights and the Whoopy Doos. One of the really difficult jobs of the call taker is just that - sorting the wheat from the chaff - You get to know the real caller rather than the bogus caller - and 90% of the time get it right ! - But as the exception is bound to prove the rule - one day you will get it wrong and the entire hindsight mob (20/20 !!) or as the americans so cogently call it Monday morning Quarterbacking" will grind in to action and no matter what the outcome the call taker is going to be the one jumped up and down on !
Keep the faith kids and remember


Thanks for coming over. When I was very young, you will have been in your prime. We used to ring the village bobbys in Standlake- Oh God, maybe it was you! :-) and try and sell them 'phantom chews.'

We used to also pretend Sarah had been kidnapped, (she was in fact hiding behind a bush.) Was it you? :-)

Cheeky little toe rags.But hilarious.

I miss those days, the old phone boxes and police boxes. Do you recall how safe we all used to feel?
May well have Been me !! or Martyn Holder !!
small world
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