Saturday, June 17, 2006


Its Only me Pursuing somethinng I'm sure of !

Reading through Scary, as you do, I looked at the “favourite line from songs” log and, without too much thought blasted out an old Dylan line and a bit of a Yaaahooo from Blur. But,as with a lot of Cunning Stunts from the Alastairian pen it gave me further food for thought in the “Shallows of the Night” Boy there are some great lines out there. Being a classic Baby Boomer (took me ages to figure out why there were so many in my class at School) (Work 9 months back from my birthday and you get VE Day – The old man might have managed to put his suitcases down first!!) First of no doubt many digressions ! – Anyway Being a baby boomer I have all the albums of my generation – still a lot of which are on vinyl up in loft = Sgt Pepper, Rumours, Dark side of the moon, Tommy, Bridge over Troubled Water et al. There were some bloody good lines “I get all the news I need on the weather report” – S&G (Only living boy in New York)Most of Pinball Wizard – I’m not sure whether I like the “Elt” version better. Either way Pete Townshend’s classic upsweeping guitar chords still great (not a lot of people know that his windmilling guitar playing almost took the top of one of his puddies !) This surfed me on from lines to great “Riffs” and bits –
The best guitar break ever in the 11 minute live version of Sultans of Swing on the Alchemy album – Fat bottomed girls from Queen – Now I’m Here – quite heavy when played loud – Soft Rock. Lots of REO Speedwagon , Sharp dressed man – ZZ Top. On to Hendrix – Star spangled etc – on to Woodstock and Crosby Stills and Nash etc – one of my all time faves (reminds me of she who must be obeyed) Suite Judy Blue eyes – Mein Gott – Country Joe and the Fish How could one ever forget “Gimme an “F” !”
Third movement of the Michael Hyden Trumpet Concerto – Overture to Marriage of Figaro from Mozart – Bach’s Brandburg Concerti (not a lot of people know that John Lennon said that the trumpet in Penny line was inspired by these !) Ode to Joy from the 9th – Fanfare for the Common man (I love the ELP version best)
Gadzooks – this is worse than Surfing the net
Oye Vay – enough already
Confused of Carterton

I was a baby boom child too . It was years later I had realised why I was conceived in 1966. And we all know what happened that year..
Welcome back Mystic! Missed your posts. Not a baby boomer myself, but my parents nearly were, albeit a bit too early (1939 and 1942). So I was brought up on 50s hits and Johnny Cash on our old Dansette record player,rather than The Beatles. I do remember some Donovan, though, which was good.
Nice to meet you Mystic. Interesting colloquial style with the knowledge showing through. It's a mix I wish I was better at. I like your comment on the old man putting down his suitcases. Creates a great picture in the mind! We bloggers could do with our own cartoonists at times.
Having a ratpack of a mind sometimes is a hinderance rather than a help ! - I can remember chance encounters with facts 20 years ago - but get lost going home from work - It gets better with practice (or so I'm told)
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