Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Happy Hols

just back from Weymouth and all points east and west. (She who must be obeyed does not like to just sit and chill- we have to visit everywhere within a 100 mile radius) So we went to Lulworth Cove, Bridport Lyme Regis - etc etc etc ! - Funny thing about Lyme Regis - They are completely re-building the beach - JCBs, cranes and very brown, tattooed men in shorts and hard hats - with the obligitory shades and fag ! everywhere. You would have thought that they could have done a bit better planning so that the touristy types could paddle etc rather than look over the railings - First really warm bank holiday of the year - Sign said "This beach will re-open on 31st July" - Weird ! Did a lot of kite flying as it was quite windy - even got my big para sail type one up for a short time - but herself does not like spending time launching kites so had to make to with the self launching sportier types mostly- I am very tempted to try either kite surfing or kite boarding - as soon as I can afford it. My old mate Steve Smyth - of wind surfing fame - of whom I spoke last time has got me interested again - went out to garage and looked at my long race board - being now officially a fat git I don't think my short board would float with me on it !! - Still having internet problems at home so not doing much on the web
Ah well
as the old joke goes "tea break over lads - back on your heads"
evenin all

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