Saturday, June 24, 2006



Another weekend of “World Cup Mayhem” – As usual, too many jobs, too few people to take the calls – let alone deal with the jobs! Hey ho – had a few days chill – so “once more unto the breach dear friends” etc the great thing about our current shift system is just that – You get four days down time. Pity its all going to change in the New Year. Still – minor giggles – 999 call from the proverbial lady locked in the lavatory – spent a while trying to sort it out – It transpired she was trying the wrong door to get out! Some of the CCTV footage of the anti social types performing on Saturday night aught to make the “Police Action” TV shows anyway – I wonder who gets the fees for the tapes? – Won’t help our budget anyway
As I have often mentioned we have the local Football Club at the end of our road, and as again I have often mentioned they have the dreaded “teenage” discos. I have never seen so many loud, drunken scantily clad teenage girls in my life. Tried to take the dog out before going to bed and there were girls throwing up, throwing bottles, throwing their extremely loud voices and throwing their micro mini skirted bodies about. Boys carrying 6 packs of cans and behaving like a pack of wild dogs. The usual litter and damage to gardens. They tell me that they don’t allow drink in the premises
Fine ! They just come to the Old swimming pool car park and let it all hang out – literally in some cases. Got dog walked and went to bed and tried to sleep (up at 0500 for earlies) – Ignoring shrill screams and smashing glass managed to get to sleep about midnight ! – Then one of the little darlings managed to set the neighbour’s house alarm off!! – They are away, and, as I am fully aware of the new alarm triage policy – unless there is an obvious break in or it is a “key holder” alarm company alarm – no one will come !! – Thank the ultimate being – it only went off for half an hour by which time she who must be obeyed and I were thoroughly awake !! – Ripped my pump mask off in temper and went to sleep without it ! – Woke up to alarm going, madam snoring and feeling like something I picked up in the dog pooper scooper !
So am at work now – snarling at all and sundry !
Grumpy old Mog

dont you just love it when the "young uns" get drunk! No? Who does!
Good blog by the way :)
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