Friday, June 23, 2006


Further Muppet Musings

Being a sad sort of muppet – great Charlotte Church advert – sounds triff ,with a Welsh accent – sorry touch of the Ronnie Corbett’s again ! I have a 30 odd minute drive in to work passing through the picture scew (my dear old departed mum always thought that was how it was pronounced !!) Oxfordian countryside
I go over what is reputed to be the oldest bridge over the Thames
(Why is it called New Bridge then ??) Which reminds me of the Civil war – Faringdon was one of the last bastions of the Royalists – Cromwell’s cavalry went over the bridges at Radcot – bit of a dust up there (Sealed knot did a battle re-enactment !!! weird) and Cromwell himself brought the heavy stuff up over new bridge
On to Kingston Bagpuize (for the rich bastards) or Southmoor to the rest of us – Never have quite worked out which bit is which – Although William De Bagpuize was one of ole’ William the Bastard’s
Toadys and got a lot of Oxfordshire for his trouble and put it in the Doomsday book. On past Millets Farm (the sort of UK version of Boone’s Farm without the Strawberry wine) But it has got a Maize maze (don’t ask) Then to Frilford Heath – bleedin expensive Golf club – only played there a couple of times – very nice but a bit like the car insurance advert !! Past “Joscas” Prep School – “Where’d you go to school then Chuck “Joscas. Then on to Stow !!” pretentious gits, never get stuck on a 9-5 shift as the entrance area is stuffed with Chelsea tractors, X5s, Volvos etc – Yah ! I then go though a “Wiggly” bit in Marcham (Must find out what Denman College actually teaches one day) Anyway in the middle of the wiggle – Beloved of the 38 tonners and Artics trying to get through is a small non-conformist “chapel” Which has what I am reliably informed is a “Wayside Pulpit” – one of them boards – usually with some sort of trite homily (Jesus Saves (usually with the Woolwich))
Etc. But – and now the somewhat convoluted point of this entire ramble through the backwoods of my ratpack of a brain is that somehow, somewhere, who ever writes these things has, for the last few months either got a damn good “Ad agency” in or some creative writers as they are beginning to make sense – so much so I actively look for the board now – I read the slogan and the rest of the journey passes in a Zen like state whilst I mull over the words
Latest one – Standard crucifix with the words “Who have you forgiven today ?” – Back to song lines in short circuited brain – Affirmation – Savage Garden “I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned” – Arrive at work to find report that one of the operators has made a “minor admistrative error” (office speak for cocked up big time) Who Have I forgiven – “go and sin no more”
In the quid pro quo of life I expect to win the lottery this week !!
Hey ho
Madness of King George !! I should say so – my word yes

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