Friday, June 16, 2006


Earwig O Earwig O Earwig O

As one earwig said to another. Watching the inevitable slide into footy anachy- What is it about the beautiful game and the beautiful booze!! - Reading the blogs of other "Service types" It would appear that we are all in the same boat - drunks, damage,noise, domestics and other anti-social behaviour. This is the 21st century peeps - is there hope ?? (is there honey still for tea??)
Sorry slipped into literary mode for a moment (or as the late great Peter Sellars once famously said - Honeys' off love) Another strange thing is the relationship to the amount of work to the amount of staff - As is always the case "The Management" is cutting staff, bean counting and generally cost cutting whilst demanding ever more work under the guise of "value for money" policing or "rationalisation" or whatever the current buzzword is!! Is there not a strange parallel between us and Education or the Health Service ? Why do the Guvvermint always manage to vote themselves great big pay rises whilst those of us at the coal face seem to get less money and more taxez ! Burst into song at this point "I owe my sole (sic) to the Company Store (can't afford shoes either) - It seems to stretch into infinity this year - Footy, Ascot, Reading Rock
All with leave embargo - so when can we get some time off ??
Heigh ho - rant over for today

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