Friday, June 09, 2006


The Cold Winds of Change

Back in the bad old days when I were one (although I couldn't spell it - very old joke) It probably wasn't common knowledge, but unless you did something actually criminal you had a "job for life" This obviously led to jokes about Eternal flames (never goes out) and Ghurkas (take no prisoners !!) and there were an amazing number of old and not very bold Policemen skulking about the station - walking about with clip boards and looking important and waiting for the golden "25" or "30" - and having joined at 18 this meant a retirement on full pension at a very early age. This is a bit of a convoluted introduction to the fact that as we (Thames Valley) that is - have decided to ignore the nice men in the Home Office and are determined to "Stand Alone" instead of making a nice large regional force by joining with Hampshire. The upshot being that in order to become a strategic force - savings have to be made. Our department will have to make swinging cuts in order to survive. The worst of them being the change of the shift system. A couple of years back we managed to pursuade the powers that be that a four day, 12 hour shift system ( four on, four off) was a good thing - they tried it and Lo, they saw it was good and even the poor trash actually working the system enjoyed it. There may even have to be cuts in staff (without natural wastage !) Coming from the "job for life" background I now feel a very cold wind up me chuff !! - Our boss - like the proverbial football club chairman - saying to the manager "We have every faith in you" - means that you are probably on the way out
Great Zot - what is the world coming to - We tried the fast forward rotating shift - the Ottowa and even the dreaded 6-2, 2-10 and 10-6 - all well known killers - so we wait with bated breath for the next one to be foisted on us
Spare a penny Guv, wife and hungry mortage to support
god bless us all

I did the 6-2, 2-10, 10-6 for 6 years. 7 days on, 2 off. It was murder and a marriage wrecker.
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