Friday, May 26, 2006


Catching Up

It seems strange now, as I always had something to say - remembered disasters (swing the lamp, pull up a sandbag and I'll tell you some war stories !) But due to my well documented slide into a self pitying depressed, and useless git. I dragged myself back to the keyboard last month but my heart wasn't really in it. However ! We have been out in our sad person's caravan again. We went to the Forest of Dean, to a lovely camp site - very near some old friends at St Briavel's Common. I can't remember if I ever said why they call me Mog - But the reason is that as we (she who must be obeyed that is) and I never had kids - and as we lived in Police Houses for a long time when we first married and were not allowed to breed dogs (like mother in law) we started to breed cats - getting interested first in Siamese and later Balinese and Devon Rex- so I ended up as Moggie ! - Anyway I digress - These friends were, and still are deep into cat breeding - We had a split with the Cat club some years back and lost touch with most of our friends at the time. So with trepidation we decided to visit them whilst in the Forest.
I am so glad we did. ! Back in the day Steve and I used to go windsurfing all over the country and had some really great times - some great BBQs and P***s ups - They have a really great house - overlooking the Wye Valley - the only trouble is it is on a bit of a slope and when you have had a great many beers etc and lean backwards in the chair !! say no more Took years to live it down - The memories came flooding back and have re-invigorated me to the extent that I have taken up the keyboard again and look forward to blogging on a more regular basis
God bless you kind sir

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Welcome back to blogging, mystic. I know of a breed called The Cornish Rex, but not Devon Rex. Do you still have cats?
Hi again !
Devon Rex cats are some of the most unusual of the orientals - they have short curly fur and heads like "ET" with ears - if you want to see some go to "Curlypurpots" web site !! - We lost our last one some 3 years ago and as we have 2 rescue dogs both of whom are "cat haters" we haven't replaced them
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