Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Sleep Clinic two - the return

Well, there we go - back again for a chat with the nurses, - the young lady I saw when I was last there has now got her degree, married and has two children. It would appear that the CPAP pumps have come on a long way since I was issued with mine. So I have now been issued with a brand new, automatic, very quiet pump - with a humidifier option if my mouth gets too dry, and of all things, a full face mask.Takes me back to flying days. The nurse fitted it and turned on the pump - told me to relax and sure enough - two minutes and I was off with the fairies. If this works it will be great - imagine getting a full night's sleep - not waking up feeling worse than when I went to sleep. Most of all being able to go to sleep and not being afraid that I won't wake up !!! Seeing the trace of the machine when I was wired up frightened me - the long straight line on the breathing monitor, for over a minute before the choking wake up - like those bad TV dramas where the machine goes Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and everybody looks at it as the red lights etc come on. If this works then the Mog rides again.I can get back to work and chronicle the life and times of the ex cannon fodder, ex pig and now civilian control room team leader. She who must be obeyed and I are off out in our caravan at the end of the week - to Welsh Wales again - Black Rock Sands no less. I must be a real glutton for punishment, as not only are we voluntarily going to W*****s, but we are stewarding the rally. Mad as a fish, me !
We have an electric hook up so I can run my new pump at night- which it going to be a problem when we go to smaller, non electric hook up sites. They do a twelve volt version but I'm not sure whether I have a battery that will run the pump for 8 hours - Anyway that's in the future.
At this time just looking forward to getting some sleep

Friday, July 08, 2005


Here we go again

Went to the Sleep Clinic today to see the famous Professor Stradling at the Churchill in Oxford- apparantly he is the world's foremost authority on Sleep problems. He welcomed me back into the fold like a prodigal son ! - No recriminations about not using my CPAP pump for some time. He was adamant that the operation on the throat muscles is not the way to go. He says that it is dangerous, and has more complications than is realised. He says that there are now new much less invasive pumps, some of which have humidifyers to keep the nose clear, and others fitting right over the mouth which will help - the upshot being that I have to go for a fitting on Wednesday next. Feels like a weight lifted off my back, knowing that he didn't jump up and down and was sympathetic. Have had to put off the next caravanning expedition - was going off to North Wales (Black Rock Sands) on Monday for a month so will have to leave it till later in the week. I was telling one of my colleagues, who rang up the other day to see how I was that the only two sorts of people in Wales are whores and rugby players - at this point he said
"My wife's Welsh" so quick as a flash I reply
"How nice, what position does she play !!"
Boom Boom,

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