Friday, November 11, 2005


Disapearing under the Heap

Being back at work is not good ! I really used to enjoy my job - and, without going over the top, I was bloody good at it. Right up until the last three months before the sleeping sickness got me, and I became totally irrational I had run my team, virtually on my own for three years, trained up two new team leaders and encouraged others to take further career steps. I know I've been off for a long time and it takes further time to settle back in But I feel increasingly isolated and marginalised. Decisions that I used to be involved in are now being taken without any reference to me, I am trying to digest new systems and policies brought in whilst I was off - Had an uncomfortable meeting with my line manager who said that some of my team have now lost confidence in my ability to manage them !! All in all I am beginning to believe that I sould start looking for another job ! The finances have also now dropped through the floor - Not just due to the half pay business, which is still not sorted out but She who must be obeyed still has not found a job and I am now overdrawn as soon as I get paid - The bank has stopped paying everything and charged me £400.00 in bank charges - making me further overdrawn !! so in the words of the song "Why does it always rain on me ??" - One of the main reasons I've not been blogging is that they didn't pay my internet subscription !! Hey ho !! rant over
getting depressed again

Stick with it fella. Perhaps you need to grab your employees by the collar and find out exactly why they are not happy. From the horses mouth so to speak. I don't particularly want to stay at my job, but then it pays the mortgage...
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