Friday, October 07, 2005


Slow time back on to the Treadmill

Well, here I am, back in the thick of it - for 6 hours a day. Occy Health have insisted that I go back to work slowly - two sets at 6 hours, two sets at 8 hours, two sets at 10 hours before going back to straight 12 hour shifts!! Lots of changes - new people coming in, old ones leaving or left. Got the shock of my life - first one I spoke to - "Hi, mate, how's the family ?" "Sean's fine, but the wife has left me" One of the girls on another team has moved in with him and has now moved on to my team !!- Next one I spoke to, "How's the family?", I asked(I should have known better !!!) = "Moved out on the wife" (They'd only married about 6 months before I went sick, and she was heavily preggers) "My partner now has two kids" I was very carefull how I approached the rest of the team Several have left to join the "Job" - Although you would have thought that a couple of years as a Comms Op would have cured anyone of joining the Police !! - But there's no accounting for taste. Have a new Boss, he seems a nice bloke but we shall see. The worst has happened - Got my pay slip this week and - guess what - Half pay ! To stop this I had already rung everyone I could think of last week - finance, personnel, Room Manager etc to tell them NOT to put me on half pay as I was returning - but the bloody "jobs worth" at the pay team said"We can't do anything till we have the paperwork" So rude letters from all and sundry - mortgage not paid etc etc, incurring more bank charges - "When we get the necessary paperwork we will rectify it next month, or the month after" she said - My reply would have been unprintable but remembering that such people are in charge of my pay I just said "Thank you very much" as sarcasticly as possible ! So I get stressed immediately before I even try to book back onto the systems - more on that another day
slightly frayed

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