Thursday, August 18, 2005


Mog in the twenty first Century

Well folks,it would appear that a new era in the mystic mog saga has started. A few weeks ago we went slightly mad and bought a lap top. This was internet ready and again in another fit of madness we got a contract phone to run the thing. I have previously always resisted contract phones after a run in with a service provider and bought myself out of the contract - (eventually) after a proctracted wrangle with them and, in essence, paying their bill twice! However, that was another story. Had great difficulty making the connection work and went back to the shop several times - every time the smooth young chap loaded the programme again and off it went ! Every time I got it home it would not work for me. I have now discovered that the coverage of my new network is not as good as my previous, pre-pay. Here we are in a field outside of Nuneaton en route to the British Leyland Caravan Club Association Rally - A weekend where all the clubs affiliated to the Club get together and play games and get blatted ! All the great names of the forgotten British Car industry - Alvis, Standard Triumph, MG, Landrover etc - A small but useless fact - My place of work, Abingdon Police Station, is built on the site of the old MG works-small world aint it. Anyway after much trial and error I've got the damn internet running and, with a bit of luck will be able to blog whilst out in the field now. Will save this and try and get my bog running so I can publish - old dog - new tricks
mystic mog

Congrats. It appears you got things working. And it is good to see that you seem to be doing much better.
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