Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Back from Wales (alive!)

Well. I see my last post was 13th July - Since then I have been sitting in a field in North Wales.
Up near Porthmadog (and yes, I did Porth ma dog several times) Our large and very hairy German Shepherd dog, Shadow also known as Darth Vadog, was as is his want, thrown into several cold and wet Welsh rivers and as the weather got warmer we decided to get him clipped - Mien Gott - I have never seen a stranger looking mutt - He's all legs and ears poor sod - and his little friend Cecelia, or Walsing Matildog as she is better known(she supports the Aussie cricket team- ungrateful little bastard - doesn't she know who buys her dog food !) She now is growling at him and, I suspect secretly sniggering ! Anyway didn't we have a lovely time the day(s) we went to Bangor ! - bought a new all singing, dancing lap top and a new mobile on a contract to power it - trouble is - no signal on vodaphone anywhere ! so haven't been able to log on to the net yet - once I do I can get some pictures up on the log - She who must be obeyed loved Bangor due in the main part to a large "Matalan" store which she went through like a plague of locusts on several occasions - did the usual things (other than Snowdon- a. rip off on Railway and b. when open a 4 - 5 hour wait for a train. Went to Portmerion ! spent fortune on "prisoner" tee shirts etc for she who must be obeyed but had a really good time re-discovering this amazing place - Clough Williams Ellis - bloody genius !! . I am not usually in any way class,race or people concious - but I have never seen so many "Chavs" and POTAs (Persons of Toe Rag Appearance)as I did in Wales nasty children, heavily preggers girls in too short pink T shirts with their bare bellies hanging over either very short denim or white ra ra skirts and the heavily tatooed male version with shell suit bottom, obligitory beer can and Staffie on heavily "brassed" harness and lead -lots of them in tents on the next field - loud music, heavy drinking and fires at 0200 ! I'm getting old - more later !
back to sleep clinic today

Sounds like life is returning to normal ;).
My old boss who is Welsh (who still likes the Alarm - a Welsh band apparently) told me that Welsh girls were so easy, all you had to do was buy them a bag of chips and they were yours for the evening... From the horses mouth!
Welcome back, Paul. I hope you are feeling better after your hols. Portmeirion is a wonderful place. I organised a conference there a few years back and it went really well. Williams-Ellis' grandson runs the hotel there...

I laughed like a drain at POTAs. Is this your expression or it it in common useage (remember I live in Seattle)? Priceless!
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