Friday, July 08, 2005


Here we go again

Went to the Sleep Clinic today to see the famous Professor Stradling at the Churchill in Oxford- apparantly he is the world's foremost authority on Sleep problems. He welcomed me back into the fold like a prodigal son ! - No recriminations about not using my CPAP pump for some time. He was adamant that the operation on the throat muscles is not the way to go. He says that it is dangerous, and has more complications than is realised. He says that there are now new much less invasive pumps, some of which have humidifyers to keep the nose clear, and others fitting right over the mouth which will help - the upshot being that I have to go for a fitting on Wednesday next. Feels like a weight lifted off my back, knowing that he didn't jump up and down and was sympathetic. Have had to put off the next caravanning expedition - was going off to North Wales (Black Rock Sands) on Monday for a month so will have to leave it till later in the week. I was telling one of my colleagues, who rang up the other day to see how I was that the only two sorts of people in Wales are whores and rugby players - at this point he said
"My wife's Welsh" so quick as a flash I reply
"How nice, what position does she play !!"
Boom Boom,

I had not heard of an operation to correct sleep apnea. Only various versions of the pump and the masks to go with it. I am waiting to be setup with mine. I wonder what they'll bring for masks.
There have been several operations, one tightens up the throat muscles, another is to insert a pipe or stent into the throat to stop the windpipe collapsing - or so I'm told - Going back on Wednesday next to find out about the new pumps and masks
Isn't it funny how all medical proffesionals seem to be the best in the world... we should introduce them to advertising standards...
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