Monday, June 13, 2005


Sitting in the middle of a field

Back from Cornwall on Sunday night - In keeping with my current mood (small rain cloud following me round) the much vaunted air suspension on "Big Ange" the Range Rover went tits up half way down (just before Sedgemoor Services )- the warning lights came on and with a sinking feeling the body slowly collapsed onto the wheels - limped in to the caravan park and rang the forth emergency service ! - They turned up at about 0130 and loaded us, the dogs, and "Ange" on to the lorry - hitched up the van and took us all the way to Looe ! We were dropped outsided the gates of the Caravan site, I re-hitched the caravan and slowly scraped our way on site - not seeing the large wheely bin ! - - Another large dent in van and wheely bin rubbish everywhere ! All this at 0430 in morning ! Rang every garage in bloody Cornwall - spoke to the home garage in Cheltenham and they said that it could be anything from a 20p fuze to a £4000 compressor - cheered me up no end! - Eventually the Main dealer in Plymouth said they could try and have a look on the next Friday (this being Monday I was thrilled !) Sat about in the field all week as could not go anywhere - The weather was diabolical so watched rain (not just over me for a change) listened to my IPOD a lot and read lots of books Re-read the complete Fritz Leiber Lankmar series (Ffhad and Grey Mouser) - On the Friday - went - very slowly to the dealer in Plymouth (good old satnav - I get lost going to work most days) Sat about for a couple of hours - Service dept plugged it in to the Computer and low and behold a sensor not working - suspension re-set and away - no parts and a bill for an hour's work (£60!) (for plugging it in to computer- reading results and re-setting software) still, can't complain could have been the £4000 compressor ! After being mobile again we managed to drive round the county a bit and being addicted to ferries for some reason - went over the torpoint ferry into plymouth and over the Fowey ferry several times - We really now need to win the Lottery and go and live in a little village called Polruan - got a harbour like most (Mousehole, Port Isaac etc) but not at all touristy - two small pubs and hills like High Wycombe. Very quiet and a great place to sit on the harbour wall and look - several locals seemed interested in the small rain cloud over me but said tha it rained a lot in Cornwall anyway ! True to form the weather got really hot and nice on the weekend we were coming home - Still have the problem with the overheating, although I am now sure that it is to do the the fan not cutting in at the right time - the temperature guage was like the rev counter - as it got really hot I could here the fan cut in with a thump and the guage went back down - Anyway home now and Doctor tomorrow, Occupational Health next week and the Sleep Clinic first week in July - Depressed - me ? Yep ! still raining on me head - but not so bad as before - and would be ok except for some B***d turning the light off at the end of the tunnel

So is this sleep clinic a followup to see how the mask should be adjusted or have you gotten that far yet?

I just went through an initial sleep study myself and am still waiting for the results.

And hold in there. I'm finally on the way up out of my depression and I'm sure you will find your way back soon as well. We're all pulling for you.
At the other end of the motoring scale, I used to have an overheating problem on my Caterham caused by the fan not cutting in early enough or long enough. I just fitted a manual switch and turn it on whenever I'm stuck in traffic, before the temperature goes up. I was told that car manufacturers set the fan to come on for the shortest possible time to minimise its effect on fuel consumption. I haven't noticed any increase in fuel consumption though!
The sleep clinic this time is a straight follow up from the original where I was issued with the pump - this time however, I hope to pursuade them to do the operation to tighten up the muscles or put a tube in. With the car - I haven't spoken to the garage yet but I think a manual switch will be the thing !!!
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