Monday, June 27, 2005


Raggle Taggle Gypsies O!

Well here we are again, back from Welsh Wales and then the Banbury Steam Fair. My small cloud is still following me around - so much so that one of our friends has done me a "car sticker"
with an Eeyore on it - I am feeling less depressed and the struggle uphill is getting easier. We drove round Cardiff and I was amazed to see how different it has become - very up market and trendy - especially round the old dock area - we then drove up the Rhonnda Valley - past villages with names evoking memories - Tonypandy and Abervan and up into the Brecon Beacons - all the places of my youth and soldiering - clambering over one "Pen Y" something and going on to another - its much easier in Big Ange - saw the last deep colliery in Wales - brought back memories of other collieries in Yorkshire and the Moner's strike - we won't go there as looking at it from a 25 year gap I come more and more to the c0nclusion that we were wrong - being used as an instrument of "The Government" instead of an instrument of Government - Maggie's Bootboys infact ! - However, Banbury steam fair was fun - and I saw a genuine BSA Scout sports car in the classic car parade - so for you doubters if my pictures have come out and I can figure how to get it on to the computer (I seem to have lost the connecting lead somewhere !!) I will put a photo on the blog wet and 'orrible on the Friday night - saw the floods at Glstonbury on the TV - not quite that bad at Bloxham but wellie weather - now just waiting on Occupational Health and the Sleep Clinic
better than last time

Good stuff. Keep away from Brecon...horrid place, far too much beasting going on.

I think we were called Di's Guys until Camilla came along. Then it was Camilla's Commandos... Oh the Joys of the Princes Of Wales Royal Regiment..
Its a bloody good thing that the Simpsons weren't on when I was in the 1st battalion, The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - "DERR" - although we've always been the Farmers Boys (after the Regimental march)
Experienced the Glastonbury Floods myself! We were so close to getting washed away.

Never a dull moment...
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