Thursday, June 16, 2005


Off Again

The Doctor still thinks I'm mad as a fish so has signed me off until I go into the sleep clinic. At this point I'm feeling better in myself but still only sleeping for an hour at a time and waking up gasping. The big difference is that I can become semi-comatose during the day for longish periods so eventually I do get enough sleep to make me feel almost human again. Have decided to go and sit in a field again for a couple of weeks. Tomorrow (Friday) we pack up Big Ange, hook up the van and all things being equal head for the home of the mole wrench again ! Jolly Newport - Caravan Club site at Tredegar House - looks nice from the big green book - will stay there next week then come up country for the Bloxham Steam Fair. Met Fred Dibnah there a couple of years ago - pity he died - he was a nice man with time for everyone and a kind word for all. Fame did not change him and he was pleased to be "recognised" The world is a poorer place without his earthy humour and his passion for steam engines. Being a Maidenhead lad and an "Old Maid" (County Boy's School) I also knew John "Flash" Carter - He was a friend of my best friend's brother - Every year I would come back and find he had acquired more bits of steam machinery - He used to run the Knowle Hill Steam rally (in Scary Duck Country) Another good man gone ! I'm glad to see Anna and his son still running the show - they were on TV the other night - bought back memories of Don Allan and Flash building awful old cars in the garden
Don (my best mate Richard's brother) had a BSA Scout - a really rare sports car with semi auto box which they were forever in the process of re-building. Don went on to be a high flyer with IBM and Flash went on to get one of the really great steam calliopes ! - funny old world
Anyway off again for a couple of weeks - no lap top so no blog - Any comments want replies e mail me or Ill get back when I get back ?? does that make sense

BSA Scout ...I thought that was an air rifle? I think I'm going nuts
I thought it was a young American boy in a uniform... :^)
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