Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Three Legged Field Voles

There are days when I feel that I'm moving with the speed of a three legged field vole - or with all the blinding speed of a striking sloth. This led me to think of more comparisons - for instance as fast as greased weasel s**t. As organised as a box of frogs or "No I haven't got one but I have a photograph of a ham sandwich and a picture of Nelson" ? Now where did that come from - or even "Greater than chocolate bullfrogs". Sayings from our youth ! "The greatest thing since sliced armadillos ???" My mind is beginning to function again - I think that when depression strikes the first thing that goes is any sort of sense of humour - nothing seems funny and re-reading archive logs doesn't help - as I am usually the world's oldest teenager and a teenage sense of humour grates against large dark cloud which hangs over my head - Howver I am researching getting photos on to the blog and have joined "Hello" - just need to find a photo to put on it now. Am also trying to set up a web page for she who must be obeyed's pictures
Its called Palujia Pictures if anyone can find it. Am off the "Oggie land" for three weeks now so it you are in Looe in Cornwall - look for a Range Rover (G14 MOG) and there I will be
getting less gloomy

Is this the way to slice armadillos? I think that would make a good title for a song! Have a great time in Looe, although I always think North Cornwall, especially the Camel estuary, is nicer.
Yeah ! but Looe is where the caravan rally is - us strange caravanner types like to concregate together "circle the wagons chuck !!"
cheers mog
I agree with you about the first thing going in a depression is the sense of humour.

I guess today it is my turn to encourage you, and just like you told me, it will get better and you can get through it.
I have posted some of
my photos here
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