Monday, May 02, 2005


Feeling Grim

I wasn't going to winge on like a lot of blogs but it has been getting really bad recently. I just can't seem to get my act together. Getting more and more depressed at work and going into a declining spiral - which ended with me only just getting an effective grading on my yearly appraisal where I have been highly effective and doing my job really well. Trouble was I really could not disagree with my boss - I really haven't been effective these last few months. I suffer from a condition called sleep aponea - this means that my windpipe collapses and I snore really badly culminating in stopping breathing - I went to a sleep clinic at the Churchill hospital in Oxford where I spent the night wired up to all sorts of machines. Apparantly I woke up over 350 times during the night and stopped breathing at one point for over a minute. The overall effect is that I am always bone tired. I have started getting really bad tempered and edgy- and if I stop moving for any length of time I fall asleep - even at work. I was given a pump with a face mask to force air into my lungs but even when I force myself to wear it (it's very uncomfortable) I find that I have pulled it off when I wake up. So the doctor has signed me off for a few weeks to try and sort my slef out . No drinking alcohol, more exercise, less food etc
So I have been out in my caravan in a field at Moreton in Marsh just "sitting" and trying to feel a bit better - not much blogging for a while but there you go.

A little bit of a break will surely do you some good. I hope you feel better soon.
I have a couple of friends that have sleep apnea. It can be very serious and lead to other illnesses. Please take care of you and I will be praying. Ask your doctor about the new kind of sleep machines that have less of a mask to them--it could help you keep it on better.
A friend of mine did a research paper at university on snoring which I had a look at for my dad who snores like a goodun. I have no idea if this will help apnea but it's is worth an investigation. He found that there were a number of tribes and elite military units that use a particular sleep position to prevent snoring and revealing their position to the enemy etc. The position as I remember looked quite awkward. You kneel on your bed, sitting on your feet. You then lean forward over your knees to rest your head on your bed. Apparently this works if you can get to sleep???
Paul: Fortunately sleep aponea is now recognised as a non-tivial disorder and you should be able to get good treatment at the Churchill. Hang on in there.
Thanks peeps,
It was somewhat of a relief to find that there was something physically wrong - rather than just me "snoring like a pig" Albeit tempered by the fact that "one day I would stop breathing and not start again " - a bit sobering - but no drink for a week now and healthy foods - still indigestion and no sleep but booked in to the sleep clinic for the 10th !
still gloomy
but hanging in there
Paul: Glad you are switiching to a healthy lifestyle. You've got loads of life in you yet so don't be gloomy. Hope you feel better soon (we are missing your blogging).
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