Monday, April 11, 2005


Been on me Hols

I’ve been on me hols down to the New Forest. Looking at ponies and taking sheep ticks off the dogs – Happy days !
There seem to be be an awful lot more ponies than there used to be. We were caravanning near Lyndhurst – biggest traffic jam in the area – but a really great exotic sports car garage (Ferraris,etc.) I read somewhere about people sneaking on to the forest and letting unwanted ponies go – Don’t know if its true but there were a hell of a lot more than I remembered seeing when We last holidayed in the area ? In particular was a herd of Shetland sized evil little brutes rampaging round the open area just before Brockenhurst – “Don’t feed the Ponies” the notices say – These little buggers were mugging tourists before they got a chance to read the notices !
“Don’t they look sweet Hiram” Crash bang – to continue the American theme – like a Nose Tackle hitting the opposing Quarter Back – and off with your picnic basket !
Did a lot of touristy things ourselves this time. Got me chance to spend a day in the Motor Museum at Beaulieu.
My three favourite cars in a row – 246 Dino, GT40 and a gob smacking AC Cobra – She who must be obeyed was embarrassed to have drag me away kicking and screaming after just sitting and dreaming – Ah well
When we win the lottery !!! – Went down to See HMS Victory and Mary Rose et al. Victory had much more light and seemed to have more space than I remembered – They have opened all the gun ports and made Perspex windows round the guns so it seemed much less cramped and scary than it did to a small boy on a school party
45 years ago ! One of life’s great experiences seeing where Nelson died, like visiting first world war battle sites or even the Lion Mound at Waterloo – makes the hairs on the back of the neck rise. Days when Britain was Great and Pax Britannica was the thing – Or as she who must be obeyed just pointed out – “That Bloody pony has just put his head in trough the car window and taken your sandwich- again !!!” Tea break over – back on your heads!
Mornin All

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