Friday, March 18, 2005


The Sun has Set !

I know that I’m a dinosaur and hark back to days of Empire, and “gun boat” politics. Days when the world consisted of Great Britain and her Colonies, and the world was a safer place Pax Britannica ! Rose coloured specs I am well aware, and also not politically correct etc etc etc.
I am as diverse as the next man and any prejudices I hold I keep to myself. But, I remember when one of the great offices of state was the Foreign Minister, a grandee who would dine with Kings and Presidents a man who’s words and pronouncements were listened to with awe. In short, not a man who you would bump into , bumbling round the fruit department of your local Waitrose. Literally bumped into Lord Hurd of Westwell, who was dressed in his customary old tweedy coat and cords, with his shopping list and pushing his trolley like the next man and thought
How the mighty have fallen – this political giant, guiding the ship of state through the stormy seas of diplomacy reduced to pushing his trolley through Waitrose ! – This gave thought to what would other politicians do when they get their ermine ? Can you see Baron Blair Queuing
In The Butchers, Count “two jags” waiting in line at the Post Office – I don’t know but it’s a fascinating thought ?
Good old Duggie ! Not a bad sort of bloke (for a conservative peer that is)
Evenin all

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