Wednesday, March 09, 2005


It always bloody rains in Wales

As some of you know I am a caravanner - not one of the sad, bucket and chuck it types - but one of the Range Rover and 26ft twin axle van with satelite TV and full central heating, fixed bed etc - I don't. however speed on the motorway or, conversely hold people up on other roads - (unfortunately a life time in law enforcement keeps reminding me of how easy it is to get points on the licence) ! So as part of my re-habilitation into the world - having been struck down in the prime of life by the dreaded tummy lurgie, followed by the heavy cold giving me a good kicking when I'm down - She who must be obeyed, after confering with the rest of the Coven (mother and sister) decide that as its "Mothers Day" on Sunday, and we won't see them again till after Easter, We will all meet at Newport (used to be famous as "Home of the mole wrench)(aside - has anyone ever tried to wrench a mole?) As Mumsie lives in Bray, Sister lives somewhere unpronouncable in Wales and we live in Oxfordshire. She (etc) then decides as that as I am not signed off the Dr's Certificate till Tuesday we can go down on the Friday and stay over the weekend. "But, my little cabbage", I say with passion still coughing and sneezing, "It always bloody rains in Wales". "Don't wimp out on me, mog - the change of air will do you good". So - much against my better judgement, we load up the truck and move the family
Brecon Beacons - my Arse ! Every flogging road sign is written in two languages English and something else with multiple fffs and the odd ww - Given that when Welsh was actually spoken by SOME of the inhabitants of this outcrop of our home Island (GB)
Motorways, Bus lanes, speed cameras etc were not invented - Why in the name of Offa and his beloved dyke do they need to invent words for them with 3 fffs and a double ww ??? And it bloody well rained - all weekend - and to cap it all Swindon town got beat !

Just as a matter of interest I have tried to wrench a mole. I ended up with two little molettes from the mole moll I wrenched.Like your site by the way.Added you to my links, would be great if you could add me too!mole
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