Saturday, March 19, 2005



Badgers ! I don’t know whether its due to the people being more environmentally friendly or less inclined to cruel sports (badger baiting et al) but there seems to be a lot more badgers about in Oxfordshire. To the point that as I went home off nights at 0’dark early this morning there were no less than 3 squashed badgers on the A420 through Pusey woods. Not close enough together to be a family, over a mile or so of road. A few years back when I was the village bobby for the area I used to patrol the woods and very rarely saw hide nor hair of them. I did know of a family of them that used to troop along the side of the road every morning at about 0500 towards the convent. There were five in the family and it was nice to see them – I saw them most days when I was finishing nights and doing my final sweep through the village. She who must be obeyed had never seen a live badger so I took her out one morning and she was entranced. They have a peculiar rolling gait which makes them like drunken sailors ! The biggest – I presume the family patriarch was wonderfully marked like a bloody great Everton mint and the three little ones were big balls of fluff. The memsahib was really pleased to see them. There must be a lot more of them now – or they are getting stupid as I said in the beginning – three squashed ones in a mile of road. However I used to see a hell of a lot of squashed hedge hogs on the same stretch of road – Either they are getting scarce or they are getting brighter and not crossing busy roads ! – These profound thoughts kept me awake for the whole 20 miles it takes to get home in the morning
Evenin all

Bloody badgers. They ruin my holes you know! Mole
dont fuck with badgers... yarrr
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