Friday, February 04, 2005


Re-Capping earlier Re-incarnations

Been out for a while in me caravan - Have been struggling on by my self at work for a year or so, had a temporary "Acting" team leader sent from Milton Keynes to train up and to assist me with the 35 Personal Development Reviews (PDRs) - that I had to do on my own last year ! - Anyway, poor girl , strain of 2 hours a day travelling, partner problems etc sent her off sick with stress, so back to being on my own (other teams have three team leaders - was someone trying to tell me something ?) - Two weeks ago I get another "Acting" - much better bet - organised - quick learner, and stranger than a strange thing that's been to strange school etc, was the sister of two old comarades from my Army days - got me back, more active in the Regimental Association - Swing the lamp, pull up a sandbag and I'll tell some war stories. The upshot of all the above machinations is that I was due to do several early finishes 7pm to 4 am instead of 7pm to 7am - My mate in the duties Department had noticed that my new Acting team leader would be on her own from 4am - till 7am, so had changed another team leader from days to nights to "cover" her. Bloody hell - first time early finish for over a year - then I thought - if there's two of them why not go the whole hog - so I asked for, and got, 2 spare rest days, coupled with the normal 4 off, making 6 whole days off so She who must be obeyed, said "ideal time to test out our new satellite installation on the van - So off we jolly well went to Moreton in Marsh, a lovely town deep in the heart of the Cotswolds and - lo and behold when the master switch was thrown it made like a James Bond Movie - up went the dish - whizzed round on its motors, up and down like a slow motion dervish - red lights turned to green - insert "Sky" card in digibox - and just in time to watch the gooners getting thrashed by them up north ! - Wonders of modern technology.
So we got back last night - and I thought I would check my blog to see if anyone had read it
and found I had stirred up a minor furore - I have always been slightly to the right of Chengis Khan's toothbrush in my politics but have never, ever, let my views colour my work either in Ireland, Cyprus or other trouble spots in the Army or on the Miner's Strike, and some very heavy "demos" whilst as a serving Policeman - and forty or so years ago political correctness was wearing union flag under pants, raising one's hat whilst hitting old ladies and the British Army still had the best infantry in the World - Not long after the 66 World Cup I was drinking with some German friends - all ex WW2 German Squaddies, and we had long discussions about the second world war - German Officers and British tommies were the preferred combination - again - remembering that we were deep in the heart of the Cold War - and right at the spot where the Red Hordes were going to stream into Europe - Sorry again if I offended any one with my Jingoistic tale but there you go
god bless you all

Meh! Carry on Corporal.
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