Friday, January 28, 2005


They Think Its All Over

I joined the Army in 1964 – spent 1965 in the Med (Malta etc) and was then, along with most of the British Army posted to Germany (or BAOR)(British Army of the Rhine), as it was known for reasons best known to itself. My Regiment was posted to one of the Backsides of the Universe or Minden as it was known. When I researched the area later in life (watched the History Channel mainly!) I discovered that the Minden Gap was where the Red hordes were going to come charging through life the mongol horde, on a wave of T62 main battle tanks – the estimate was 100 tanks to overwhelme a Company position armed with mainly 4 or 5 84mm Carl Gustav anti tank weapons or if you were support company 4 wombat 120 mm anti tank guns – You would last just long enough to kiss your Ass, or donkey if you had one,goodbye, before being blown to molecules – This if they decided on conventional warfare – or perhaps being tactical nuked, or gassed etc if they decided to let technology take the strain. Us fat and happy foot soldiers didn’t know any of this – we just firkled about on these large NATO exercises – you know the thing – drive within a mile of a german farmer’s barn and he sets it on fire and claims damages So there we were in our second year – 1966 – lots of good footy on – and German TV even showed some of the England games – and the local bars stocked up for what even they knew to be the inevitable final. Mien Gott, it happened. There we were, England in the Final of the World Cup with the Kaiser’s (Franz Beckenbaur) men.
My platoon were in a bar in Siemens Strasse watching the TV surrounded by the locals. Come half time and the bar owner started to get out the beer mats with “Deutchland, World Miesters” on them. My lot started to get quiet, an extremely bad sign with squaddies ! and then those immortal words “They think its all over “ The first bar stool went through the window – I was about 3 half litres of good German beer (Weser pills) brave and led from the front what a fight ! to the immensely politically incorrect war cries of “two world wars and one world cup” we cried havoc and let loose the dogs of war – I know I ended up in the local jail with half my section – along with another 40 or 50 squaddies from the garrison and it eventually cost us another 100 marks each in damages but it was worth it. Another great battle added to the Regiment’s Battle honours the”Battle of Minden 1966!!! “
mornin all

Very good. Glad you feel proud of your actions. No wonder the whole of Europe hates the English.
Well, damn, now I'm jealous. I thought it was us Yanks that the whole of Europe hated--and the whole of the world for that matter...
TMBTR: Cut the man a break, it was 39 years ago and a different world.
Scary - all the more reason not to hark back to it in such a way.
TMBTR - Reading most other stories here, you will find they are written with a hint of sarcasm. The author often having a point to make.

I think it's well worth having a story like this here, to remind all that this behaviour is no longer tolerated. From the apparent sarcasm in the last paragraph, it appears Mog thinks this is the case too?

Stay safe.
OK, fair enough. Point made (and taken). I too usually enjoy Mog's stories, just that this one (in my opinion) came a bit too close to glorifying football hooliganism.
Strange - re-reading the blog I now understand why people do seem to get the wrong end of some things - I am a patriotic type - having spent all of my adult life in The service of my country in one way or another I look back with the 20/20 hindsight of growing old and realise how things change over the years - It was a glorious adventure then - no ties or responsibilities getting drunk, fighting and getting locked up was part of being a brutal and licentious infantryman (See Wellington's comments) - Needless to say, as the years pass and one gets promoted one puts away childish things and acts as a responsible adult - anyway it soon settled back down and Great Britain went back to being little England and Lance Corporal Mog had to "charge" all his erstwhile friends to show them he was now a Non Commisioned Officer !! - Rule Britannia !!!
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