Monday, January 03, 2005


Bloody Fireworks

It’s a grim old thing when you can’t enjoy New Year’s Eve, with a few friends, lots of Scottish wine, ale and assorted nibbles. I’m sure that when I last looked we weren’t Chinese, or in any way Asian. SO WHY TO THEY HAVE TO LET FIREWORKS OFF – We had it at Christmas, now most of the evening our dogs were going ballistic and trying to dig holes in the furniture and get under carpets and things. They were bloody terrified – rather spoilt the evening with a 70 kilo German Shepherd climbing into my lap every time a firework went off, and the cross-breed weeing herself on the carpet in fright. Someone must have spent a fortune as they were great big fireworks and they went on for hours !! This tended to have the effect of a complete sense of humour failure from She who must be obeyed which does put a bit of a crimp in the proceedings so not too much in the way of alcohol and the dogs ate most of the nibbles by way of bribes to keep them quiet ! – Lets hope the New Year is brighter and
Better. On a happier note I got the complete Series one to three of “The West Wing” over Christmas – greatest TV Soap I have every watched. I also splashed out on a portable DVD player, So that when She who must be obeyed is watching East Enders/Hospital dramas/Neighbours etc I can plug in and get my fill of President Bartlett and his staff. God Bless America!
Mornin All

Ah, we both seem to have had a few problems with fireworks. Perhaps one could send Carstairs and his chums over next year, might solve a few problems and be amusing to boot.
Ever since being mortared by 82mm shells, newyear '86, inside Angola, fireworks have lost their dazzle. Tend to dig a hole with the first wiz...
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