Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Wonders of Technology

I have just bought myself an IPOD as a sort of Christmas present. Mainly because nobody I know would buy me one anyway – even for Christmas !! It is amazing. First the box it comes in is beautifully designed. Its packaging fits, all the equipment with it has little plastic protectors and the docking station and mains plug are really heavy, well engineered bits of kit. The unit is self is a little shiny white plastic and metal brick. The controls are feather light and once worked out, really simple. Load the disk on to the computer and up, up and away ! This is a superb bit of kit
I now begin to see how Apple Mac users stay with them. Why did we go with the other lot when this sort of kit is available ? It happened with Videos – Betamax went and VHS stayed. This ranks alongside the new sky box for simplicity and even old fools like me can operate it.
Going into PC world for another look at the Apple Mac on me next day off – who knows – perhaps another convert !
Evenin all

It is so nice in it's packaging, I hardly wanted to disturb the art.

Enjoy it ;)
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