Sunday, December 19, 2004


Stranger than Fiction

Took a report of an abandoned Marina Estate, apparently parked at side of road. Left with keys in. Been there two days now, not really amazing that no one had nicked it! Did a Computer check and came up with a local owner. Sent officers to address, real bottom of the range council estate. Officers book on scene then come back immediately to say that all the doors on the house are open – local kids running in an out but no adults at this time. Stranger and stranger ? Twilight zone here we come. House full of furniture – food in fridge, lights and gas on. Beds made – well spooky.
Police enquiries with neighbours reveal (standard terminology) “Aint you ‘eard mate” “He won the lottery,last week ,fifteen million.” “Heard it on the car radio driving home”. According to witnesses (standard terminology again) The car owner was seen to stop the car jump out making strange whooping noises and call a taxi. According to neighbours – he got home, grabbed the wife and kids, packed passports only, taxied to London and was now, apparently living the life of Riley in Jamaica.
Further enquiries with Immigration and Jamaican Police confirmed this – He told them “Anyone who wants the car ??? can take it away, keys are in it “ and the Council can keep their sodding house – furniture and fittings free”
Funny thing – they haven’t returned yet – that was six months ago now
Evenin all

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