Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Enough Already

Enough already. I have just read through the nominations for the 2004 Blog of the year awards, and though I swore that I would not get hot under the collar about current affairs and would write about things which amused my in my life as a squaddie, and latterly as a policeman. we all have to take a stand somewhere. Most of the blogs were beautifully written, erudite politically aware comments on current affairs – not like the blogs I love to read, Scary Duck, Neighbour of the hoors, Howling spoons and company who’s amusing, sometimes raw and certainly not PC logs have something to say. Fox hunting – who cares (except the foxes) let’s do something about the gangs of “traveller types” who go coursing then abandon their dogs when police get close to them – badger baiters and dog/cock fights YES – lock em up – Persons who break in to your property to steal (or worse) follow the American Special Forces motto – “kill em all, let god sort them out”. Teachers being beaten up at school then the education committees forcing head teachers to take the little scrotes back ! Fire fighters and paramedics being stoned and petrol bombed whilst trying to save lives !
I admit to bias about the Police – but how can anyone in their right minds other than those with 20/20 hindsight
Want to prosecute officers who have a split second in which to decide whether or not to shoot the person coming towards them waving an imitation firearm/something that looks like a firearm, and then wonder why the other officers hand in their firearm’s tickets when they hand down a ludicrous decision. NO it’s not lack of sympathy for the poor person who does get shot or their families BUT if they weren’t behaving in that manner in the first place it would not put the officers between the rock and the hard place.
WE ARE ALL TO BLAME for this state of affairs. The educational experiments of the sixties (remember) now are the parents and grandparents of the don’t care generation – no respect for anyone How can any sane person break into an 84 yr old pensioner’s house and beat her up(or worse) for the sake of a few pounds ? School bullies? yes but bullying the teachers ! The police are just as culpable – lack of resources and “quicker response times” lead to the Panda car – no more bobbies pounding the beat – just reactive policing – send a car – the Old fashioned bobby – tea drinking, school visiting, helping old ladies across the road, Gone for ever. Now we have restorative justice ?, cautioning ? ARRRRGH – bring back hanging and flogging ! We are all so careful about being PC. we are all being bullied by Religious leaders from the Pope’s views on condoms, via the Imams trying to force Islam down the throats of the majority Christian population to the DUP’s “No surrender” policies. Gay rights, illegal immigrants’ rights, everybody else’s bloody rights. ENOUGH I SAY ENOUGH – SOMEONE SOMEWHERE DO SOMETHING BEFORE THE COUNTRY COLLAPSES UNDER THE RIGHTS OF SPANISH FISHERMEN TO DEPLETE OUR FISH STOCKS WHILST OUR TRAWLERS ARE LAID UP – WE LOSE WHAT’S LEFT OF OUR CURRENCY

Hey Mog. Erm... technically we'd all *emigrate* to Antarctica. Unless you were an Antarctican in which case we would all be English immigrants.

Shit, I'm such a pedant.

*goes and hides behind Scaryduck*
I'm not erudite and politically aware?

My blog isn't beautifully written?

Awww :( Shite.

Ah 'twas written in haste and I never spell check as
a. I'm don't like to read what I've written until its sort of settled a bit
b. I'm too smart for me own good !
Ya Boo
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