Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Return of the Mog

Well, here we are back fresh from leave amongst the Dales - I was suprised and gratified to find help from several bloggers including my hero - Le Duc himself in relation to my missing archives ! - all I've got to do is work out how to do it and I hope all is not lost ! - I have never been so bloody wet as last week - It was a biblical experience I kept waiting to hear the voice "How well can you tread water" Two very large, wet and muddy dogs do not improve the inside of a caravan and my cream leather seats in the new car have had a real christening - However we had a good 10 days off and found a really ace Farmer's market(once a month in Bakewell) and a really triffic pub - blatant plug for the Miners Arms at Garsington - steak night on Wednesdays and I got a 16oz T bone for £7.50 with all trimmings - felt like I had swallowed a warthog ! went to sleep for two days - great stuff - will get back to proper blogging back on nights tomorrow
more stupid 999 calls and strange and wonderful happenings in the murky world of policing
evening all

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