Monday, November 08, 2004


Mens Rea - The criminal mind - (Or perhaps mindless Criminal)

To make a change from the idiots ringing in, today I thought I’d write about the idiots who are rung in about ! Here are a selection of some of the really stupid crimes and criminals
How about the burglar who tried to jemmy a door open, failed so he smashed a window, cut himself climbing through leaving a trail of blood behind him up the stairway, stole a laptop computer, then still bleeding, ran out straight into the arms of a response unit as he had set the alarm off when trying to jemmy the door !
Or the bloke that broke into his neighbour’s hours, stole their carpets and re-laid it in his own lounge – he then left the trimmings out for the dustmen ! and wondered why the neighbour called the police !
Perhaps the man arrested for harassment who had been writing letters to his ex-partner and signing them with his own name ! he wondered why he had been arrested as he didn’t think we had any evidence it was him – ho hum
Best one recently – a man bought a fancy new computer with a stolen credit card – then took out an extended warranty including home service – in his own name
I’ll get me coat
Evenin all

He left the trimmings of the carpet on the curb for the garbagemen! That's classicly stupid. :)
You're not wrong there ! - We were just amazed he was bright enough to get the rest of the carpet to fit
how do these people react when you confront them with their own stupidity?
I once had my actual floorboards nicked from underneath me. I really do get some very special and unique neighbours...
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