Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Blast from the Past

Pull up a sandbag and I'll swing the lamp a bit ! Whilst browsing through the morning blogs I found a comment on Scary's from Gordon? So, as you do,I went to his home page and started reading - came across reference to bottles of Southern Comfort on the desk and memories came back - of an earlier, simpler time, when I was a young(ish) squaddie in Belize (or British on your arse as it was known then) During the monsoon, or rainy season (rain it was like someone had turned on a fire hose!!!) you could not do a great deal out and about in the Yungle as everything squished - so we all sat about swigging bottles of the old Southern Comfort and moaning "the rain, the rain" in true Somerset Maughan fashion. I have never been able to drink the damn stuff since !!
In hindsight I'm amazed that my liver stood for it (do livers stand ?)
Of course as soon as the rain slowed down to "standard Irish" we were out and about again and sweating out the accumulation of several months of spirits by running !!! round the airfield - God we were young and fit
enough already
mornin all

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