Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Are You really ringing 999 for this ?

A few more dips into the wierd world of the 999 Caller
Caller on Christmas morning
"Can you tell me if John Lewis's sale starts on Boxing day or is it the day after ?" - Operator
"Why did you ring 999 for this ?" - Caller
"Well there's no one else open who I can ask is there ?"
Is there some sort of logic in this ?
"My next door neighbour walks his dog on the grass by my house every day to do its business - he cleans up the poo but does nothing about it peeing can yhou send an officer to tell him to clean it up "
For a bit of a reverse - we get a genuine call at 2 oclock in the morning stating that there is a naked man running along the IDR in Reading (Inner Distribution Road for those unfamiliar with the town)
Radio operator puts out "Observations" and sure enough one young earnest probationer comes back up on the radio "Any description please"
I ask you ! how many naked men would be likely to be running down the IDR at 0200 on a chilly morning
Radio operator was quick though "If there's more than one we'll all come and have a look" smart girl that operator
Ah well - if it wasn't for these little gems occasionally we'd have a boring life
Evenin all

Good Grief!
I can't believe how people can be so stupid.

Yaay to that radio operator though - lol!
The request for a description (obviously before he really thought through what he was asking) was so funny. Thanks for the laugh - I really needed one today.
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